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Order Restored

  • Client QuickQuid
  • Industry High-cost short-term credit
QuickQuid: Order Restored

One of our longest standing clients, we launched QuickQuid on TV back in 2009 into a fledgling category. Since then we’ve been their sole creative agency…

Our Role

  • Brand positioning
  • Creative strategy
  • Concepting & scripting
  • TV production and post-production (including VFX)
  • Cross-channel integration

Whatever your feeling on the payday sector, nobody can deny it’s been a fascinating category to watch evolve. And for us, the knowledge and experience gained in leading the strategy and creative for its no. 1 brand has been invaluable.

The retention of this client since 2009 speaks volumes about our ability to shape their positioning – and adapt to the challenges of a difficult marketplace – whilst driving acquisition and making them market leader.

The Happy Hour team excels at developing ads that drive response. From brand strategy, to creative concepting, to post-production execution, the team constantly asks, "what will create the most volume for the business?" As a result, we've seen a 48% increase in direct response website visits since launching our campaign! This improvement is despite a high frequency media buying strategy, which could easily lead to creative tire. Thanks to Happy Hour's experience, we have maximized our TV spend and created an effective campaign to drive our business forward.

Not only does the team at Happy Hour excel at driving quality direct response adverts, they're wizards at navigating new campaigns through tough regulatory marketplaces. Concepts and scripts are crafted with much care, ensuring all interpretations are within UK regulation and risk of complaint is minimized. The team have also developed a great working relationship with Clearcast - a must when getting all the hard work through to production!”

Jihane Bouchareb, Senior Marketing Associate, Enova Financial

In its infancy, in a new category to the UK market, our creative strategy focussed on educating the audience on payday lending, the features of QuickQuid’s product and how to use it – pure DRTV, complete with a presenter-to-camera approach, lots of roundels and plenty of the brand’s orange colour.

As the category grew and gained awareness, Wonga made waves with its puppets and started buying up share of voice with huge media investment. QuickQuid briefed us to find them a unique positioning in the sector to go head to head with Wonga.

We undertook the first major brand re-positioning workshop to find them an ownable and defendable marketing strategy. The resulting creative was the enormously successful “Innovations Lab” campaign, which ran for 3 years with 8 executions and multiple versions and durations. From jet packs to time machines, robots to squirrels, this campaign explored all the new ways that QuickQuid’s products could be “as helpful as possible” – a reflection on their continual product innovations and updates, and their desire to put consumers at the heart of everything they developed.

This brand response campaign is one of our most successful; it perfectly depicts the brand personality of QuickQuid, delivers a compelling brand proposition that consumers can engage with, whilst focussing on driving response and customer acquisition – far outperforming our previous response campaigns (= very, very happy client).

In 2015 FCA scrutiny tightened in the category and we responded with the consumer-centric campaign “Order Restored”, showing realistic situations in which a short-term loan from QuickQuid can help cover life’s little emergencies. The campaign has since become well-known for its recognisable freeze-frame that helps bring to life emotional uncertainty. The campaign has been running for the last 3 years, testament to its success as a brand response campaign for payday’s market leader.

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